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SLIM meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a slim chance or possibility is not likely to happen or be true.: The likelihood of selling the machinery at that price is slim. a slim chance/possibility A member of the board said there was only a slim chance of the merger succeeding.
Slim A Fast, Lightweight Template Engine for Ruby.
slim-template / slim. doctype html html head title Slim Examples meta name keywords" content template" language" meta name author" contentauthor javascript: alert'Slim' supports embedded javascript' body h1 Markup examples content p This example shows you what a basic Slim file looks like. slim English Dictionary.
slim slimmer slimmest. to slim slimmed slimmed slimming slims. to lose weight to melt off. to lose weight to melt off to reduce to slenderize to slim to slim down to thin. slender slight slim svelte. slim adj small in amount or quality.
slim LEO: Übersetzung im Englisch Deutsch Wörterbuch.
slim amaranth BOT. Ausgebreiteter Fuchsschwanz wiss: Amaranthus hybridus. slim amaranth BOT. Grünähriger Fuchsschwanz wiss: Amaranthus hybridus. slim teasel BOT. slim hole TECH. das Engbohrloch Pl: die Engbohrlöcher. reaming of a slim hole. Ausräumen einer kleine Bohrung. slim line circuit breaker TECH.
Slim Framework Slim Framework.
Slim supports any PSR-7 HTTP message implementation so you may inspect and manipulate HTTP message method, status, URI, headers, cookies, and body. Slim supports dependency injection so you have complete control of your external tools. Use any Container-Interop container. Nov 30, 2020 Slim 4.7.0 released.

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